Thank you Notes
from our Guests

Back in March of 2022, James was diagnosed…. We are from…a little over a 3-hour drive [away]. We were driving back and forth until January of 2023 while he received his chemo treatments and was in remission to receive new stem cells. In January he was admitted into UAMS of Little Rock where we stayed during the stem cell treatments. I stayed in his room until around the 28th of January at which time we had to move to a close by home or housing and we had no idea what we were going to do. We had a lot to deal with. Lots of medications, a new lifestyle, and not knowing how things would go from day to day. James is retired and we aren’t married so I couldn’t get paid for my time off work. He needs someone with him at all times. It was such a relief to be welcomed in by Home for Healing. We’ve stayed here from Jan 28th -April 21, 2023. What a blessing they have been! During this long and bumpy process, they weren’t just a roof over our head. It was always good to see their smiling faces. Their concerns for us never asking for a dime!! I’ve enjoyed the activities planned to bring a little happiness during hard times. We’ve made many friends along the way. And it’s good to be able to share with others. But to be there for each other when things get to be too much. And James is getting better everyday!! God Bless this Home! Thank you,

James S. and Judy J.

Roy is 37 years old with an 11-year-old daughter. He is a part-time father on the weekends. He has a very supportive family and is thankful for them and his daughter. Early July of 2022, his doctors discovered a terminal brain tumor the size of a walnut growing in his speech processing and language lobes. Though surgery was performed which removed more of the tumor than the doctors anticipated, there is a 90% chance it will come back. If the entire tumor was removed, he would become a vegetable. After surgery, the doctors said he would not be able to speak, but he is thankful that he can speak and is doing well other than a few brain farts here and there. He is halfway through radiation while staying here and feels HFH is a hidden gem. Roy feels HFH has helped lift his spirit, is thankful for the amazing staff, and has enjoyed being allowed to get involved in activities at the home which is exactly what he needed. Since he lives over an hour away, the no cost has helped ease a major concern for his family. His Mom has done most of the work while here because the doctors did not think he would have the capacity to do anything. One of his fondest memories is completing basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, which is the same base his grandfather served as an engineer. Roy is named after him. While serving, he became a squad leader and was instrumental in building motivation amongst his soldiers to make them the #1 squad during his service. After almost 2 years, he received an honorable medical discharge. His greatest love is his daughter and he is trying to teach her everything he knows while spending time with her. He feels fortunate for every morning God gives him. One of his favorite quotes is “Time is the only true currency, because you never get it back.”

Roy N.

This is an amazing place with amazing people. We met many people in the two months we were there. Even through COVID-19 restrictions and taking all precautions; the guests were so kind and gracious while dealing with their own medical issues. We prayed together and shared our stories. We shared food and fellowship. Wonderful People. Wonderful Place. Wonderful Blessings. We have donated to ACH for 42 years now. We have added Home for Healing to our list

Leslie C.

The Family Home has truly been a warm home away from home for my husband and I. The home has all the facilities and amenities of any home like the luxuries of the bedroom, bath, washer, dryer, microwave, dishwasher, & refrigerators in every room. Also, there are plenty snacks, water, and sodas daily. My husband and I couldn’t ask for a more safe, loving environment to stay while @ UAMS for his treatments. The staff @ Family Healing are very kind, respectful & hospitable people to help assist us. We thank God for Family Healing being there during our time of need. Thank you!!!

Earl & Ruthie B.

Thank you for accommodating us in our time of need! We appreciate everything.

Ethan, Isaac, and Veronica H.

We enjoyed our stay so much. It was so nice just to walk across the street from a nice clean place with a good night’s rest!

Judy B. and Dale S.

Home for Healing – how appropriate. Of course it is the people that make this house a home. Chris [Kristin] & Ronnie are two of the most amazing individuals I know. They give their all to the mission of this home and it shows. They care, show concern, support & even leave you alone when misery does not want company. They understand. Thank you for being there. You made a difference. Home for Healing – indeed it is.

Renate J.

Thank you so much for the kindness you have showed to my dad & I. We appreciate places such as this one for us to stay at when we are away from home. God bless you all!

Tonya M. & Tommy N.

I’m very thankful to have had such a nice, welcoming place to stay while going through treatment. Home for Healing is really a blessing for those of us who live far away but need treatment at UAMS. Thank you so much for all you do Kristin, Ronnie, and all others.

Lauren H.

Thank you so much for your kindness, compassion, caring, and the love you showed me & my husband. This Family Home and the staff is such a blessing. I believe God puts people in our lives for a reason. The Family Home, staff, and patients--again, Thank!!!

Tanya M.

We would like to thank “Home for Healing” for all of the wonderful people that work there. They went beyond to help everyone there. It was a ray of sunshine in a dark world of cancer. We will always be in their debt. We love everyone of ya’ll.

John & Ginger B.

Catherine arranged for me to stay at the Home for Healing. That was a huge blessing for me because not only did I feel safe while staying in LR alone but I felt welcome & cared for. My husband came to be with us on the weekends.

Mike & Holly W.

Just wanted to say Thank You & let you all know how grateful we are for all you do for ppl like us.

Tim S.

"As before, my husband and I have enjoyed our stay here. Truly, God has opened doors for the burden to be lifted from me. Everything that is needed here, for the patients, is supplied. Thank you Family Home, I and my husband will forever be grateful to you and your staff."

Mr. & Mrs. Jesse C.

"We were so fortunate and blessed to be able to stay in this wonderful place. We are so thankful to God and all the wonderful people here. It is so quiet and clean. We were, frankly, very scared and anxious when we arrived and everyone has been so wonderful. May God truly bless each one of you. You will never know how much that we appreciate being able to stay here."

Harvey & Darline J.

"I thank him for blessing me to be able to have some place to stay in my struggle with my illness and the kind people here. The people here are really a joy and lift up your spirits. May God continue to bless them."

Wanda J.

"Thank you again for my second stay at Home for Healing [Family Home]. I thank God ever day for this home; it gave me the comfort and the kindness from the staff that I needed while being away from my family in Alabama. Thank you to everyone for all your warmth, kind words and sense of humor. I am so grateful. I pray every night for strength to make it through this journey. I know in my heart that God will carry me through."

Annette M.

"This is my first time at Home for Healing [Family Home]. I can say it is a blessing to know there is a place like this here for people going through cancer treatments. It takes a lot of worry away knowing the staff here really does care. This is really a home away from home. The staff who works on weekends are so helpful and nice. I hope we get to stay here every time I come for treatments. My care giver and myself want to thank everyone here. God bless and keep you for all the wonderful things you do."

Ruth Ann and Walter A.

"We were so grateful to have found this place. Our social worker from the Cancer Center, Harold Reed, was the one who had asked to come here. I would like to thank him. The room is clean and you could not ask for anything else. I enjoy being here and would like to thank Harold Reed very much in our time of need and maybe we will call back again. Best wishes to anybody that stays here."

Robert and Sharon K.

"I was so blessed to find this place when my son was placed in ICU and I had no place to go. It has been a Godsend and I have felt his presence. It’s a place of home and I am so grateful it was here in my time of need. My son is now in remission and spending time at home so I am leaving this room to someone else. I hope they will find the same peace and hope that I found here."

Denise A.

"Dear Friends who will be staying in this room, have no worries. Pope John II always said, ‘Be not afraid. your faith will carry you through.’ You have already been blessed by being in the Family Home. And it is just that. A home away from home. People share their food and you will find all that you need here. Run out of toothpaste. They have it. Had an accident. There are washers across the hall that cost nothing and all cleaning and soap is provided. You are in the best place possible if you are sick. It is warm and kind here. It is restful so you can concentrate on getting well. Laughing helps. I do watch videos to make me laugh. It is the best medicine. I hope all who stay here realize what a gift this place is. It is really a home! Get to know everyone. Sharing stories takes away from your own hurt. You can always learn something too. Go to knitting, bingo, welcome meetings on Wednesdays. Everything together helps. I thank God every day this home is here for us. I hope that after you place your faith in Jesus that you will put some faith in this home and your ability to help yourself."

Alice S.

"When my doctor said I needed to come here, I said, ‘I can’t.’ And if we had to pay $40 or $50 a night to stay in a motel, we couldn’t do it. But the Family Home has been just like my home. There’s a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room where you can sit and watch TV, and a big dining room. I’ve really enjoyed it, even though I’m here for my sickness. We’ve met people from all over the world, and everyone has been so friendly. Nobody’s running around here with long faces. You think you’ve got problems, but then you see somebody else and you want to pray for them. It makes you realize you’re not the only one. You can talk about your problems, and you really connect like family. When you help somebody else, it makes you feel good. It makes you think you’re here for a reason, not just for your treatment."

Norma C.

"I just want to say what a wonderful experience I had. This is from Dec 16th 2019 until Feb 18th 2020. Ronnie was very helpful and everything was always clean and neat. I could rave on and on. At a life altering experience in my life I was surely blessed with the Family Home. Thank you."

Nancy B.

"This home has been a true God send and miracle to us. We can’t express our gratitude enough."

Gladys, Ladonna and Amber

"The Family Home is a warm and friendly place for recovering cancer patients to stay while they go to their appointments. My sister and I have enjoyed our stay during her recovery."

Elaine T.

"We can never begin to thank you enough for allowing us to stay with you while we are UAMS. Such a trying time for us with worrying about where we were going to stay. You took away some of the stress allowing us to stay at your beautiful facility. Everyone was so kind and caring. God is doing amazing things and moving mountains."

Shelly D. and Kathy L.